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About Ottawa

There is Ottawa which is the capital city of Canada in the province of Ontario. It is the fourth largest city in Canada with an estimated population of 951,727 people within the city and 1,236,324 within the census metropolitan according to the 2014 census report. The city has evolved as the technological and political center of Canada. Ottawa has the highest living standards in Canada and has a high rate of employment. Worldwide it comes in the second position as per the global database of reported consumer prices, health care quality and other qualities of life index (Numbeo).  Many national headquarters are found in Ottawa and it is rated the second cleanest city in Canada and the third in the world, furthermore, in the year 2012 for the third time continuously it was ranked the best community in Canada to live in by the Canadian personal finance and lifestyle magazine; MoneySense. Annually it is estimated that the city attracts 7.3 million tourists. Ottawa is a major technological center and has many companies majoring in telecommunications, software development and environmental technology.

The city boasts of its scholarly properties, as it is the most educated in Canada and a home of research, post-secondary and cultural institutions including the National Gallery of Canada which is where the Maman sculpture is kept . The National Arts Centre: one of the largest acting arts amenities in Canada that works with very many artists from all over the world. In North America, it is the only multidisciplinary performing arts center in many languages. It funds programs for the youth and young audiences, and it is the sponsor of emerging artists. It provides resources like study materials needed by the teachers, supports community programming, English and French theaters and it is one of the largest art centers in the world. The city has four general hospitals. This ensures there is good health care for its people and high life expectancy is maintained. Hospital facilities that major in specific sectors also are available. Among these health facilities is the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Another facility is the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.

Ottawa experiences large periodic temperature differences with its summers being warm to hot and sometimes severely cold winters and the level of precipitation well dispersed during the course of the other seasons. Summers are humid and warm and under normal conditions, 11 days of the summer months have a temperature surpassing 30 degrees Celsius with the average relative humidity being 84% in the morning and 54% in the afternoon. In winter, the city yearly receives 224 cm of snowfall but retains 22cm throughout the months of winter. Spring and fall are susceptible to extreme temperatures and irregular weather fluctuating conditions.


About Toronto

Secondly after Mexico, New York and Los Angeles, Toronto is the fourth most populous city in North America, the most populous in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. The 2011 census report revealed that the total population of the city was 2,615,060 that made it the fifth largest city in North America.  It is located on the coast of Lake Ontario, the Southern part of Ontario on a highland that is traversed by a forest, deep valleys and a link of rivers. Foreign born people make 49.9 % of Toronto’s population as per the 2006-census report making it one of the world’s most diverse cities. This city has over 200 different ethnic origins embodied among its occupants. English is the primary language spoken in the city beside 160 other languages spoken and anyone who speaks English can fit in the society of Toronto.

Toronto is an international center of business, finance, arts and culture. It is therefore recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is historically recognized as the destination for immigrants to Canada because of its vast population. In terms of culture, the city has very many dance and ballet companies exceeding fifty, six opera companies and two symphony orchestras. It also hosts the Canadian Opera Company. National Ballet of Canada, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and many more. The Canadian Stage Company stages an outdoor Shakespeare production each summer in Toronto’s High Park. It ranks as the third largest production center after Los Angeles and New York City when it comes to domestic and foreign film and television production.

Another distinguishing feature of Toronto is its tourist sector especially the Toronto Zoo. Located near the Rouge River the zoo it is the largest in all Canada occupying a total area of 287 hectares. It is a home of more than 5,000 animals consisting of over 450 different species. The animals, some are displayed indoors in tropical pavilions while others are kept outdoors in the environment that suits their habitats which enables tourists to view them from vehicles and take photographs at a distance. The Art Gallery of Ontario plays host to exhibits from museums and galleries from all over the world and displays a great assembly of Canadian, African, European and modern-day works.

The Royal Ontario Museum is also another great tourist destination. It is the largest museum in Canada and one of the largest in North America the reason why annually it attracts more than one million visitors. World culture, art and natural history are all represented in this museum and are Canada’s largest field-research institution in present day. The museum holds dinosaurs’ fossils among thousands of different specimens, minerals, meteorites, design and fine art collections including clothing.

Like most other cities, its climate is humid continental, its summers being humid and warm, and winters being cold. Toronto has a low diurnal temperature range due to its nearness to water and the effects of urbanization. In the densely populated urban centers, the nights are warmer than those in rural areas all through the months. On early summers and late springs, the climate can be cooler because of the breeze from the lake. Winter is usually associated with cold conditions and frequent snow; sometimes snowstorms interrupt transport processes and business because snow can fall at any time from November and the middle of April and accumulate. Summers have very warm temperatures while spring and autumn have trivial and cool temperatures interchanging with dry and wet periods.


About Montreal

There is also the city of Montreal in Canada and it is the second most populous municipality in Canada after Toronto and the second largest city after Paris of using French as its primary language. The majority followed by English and other native languages speaks French but many people speak both French and English. It is situated on the Island of Montreal and according to the 2014 report the population of Montreal’s metropolitan area is approximated to 4.1 million people. Although it was overtaken by Toronto in economy and population capacity, it still remains the commercial capital of Canada and a center of aerospace, design, technology, pharmaceuticals, education, tourism ,culture and entertainment.

Mount Royal is the place anyone will die to visit when in Montreal city, where Mount Royal Park is and one of Montreal’s largest green spaces. The prominent Kondiaronk Belvedere is situated in the park together with a fabricated lake, Beaver Lake and a sculpture of Sir George Etienne Cartier. Cultural activities are always held in the park and athletics come in the park to do their daily exercises.  In addition, two cemeteries are found on the mountain, Mount Royal Cemetery and Notre Dame Des Neiges Cemetery with 900,000 and more people buried there. Montreal Port is one of the largest ports in the world with the capacity to handle 26,000,000 tonnes of cargo annually therefore being the railway hub of Canada.

Summers in Montreal fluctuate from warm to humid with a maximum temperature of 26 to27 degrees Celsius while excessive temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius are not a rare occasion. The winter’s daily average temperature ranges from -9 to -10.5 degrees Celsius but some days the temperature allows rain for only 4 days in the months of January and February. When there is snow, it covers the ground for 4 months. Spring is susceptible to sudden temperature changes and there are possibilities of unseasonably warm and dry weather occurring during the spring and autumn. Altogether, Canada is a developed country, recognized among the highest in the international. Measurement of government’s quality of life, transparency, education, and economy and civil. Liberties, this gives it a friendly quality and will provide a pleasant home for anyone across the world