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The country’s population is composed in a great part by immigrants and people whose parents were born in another country and moved to Australia. Each year people from more than 180 different countries become Australian citizens.

Throughout most of its history, but especially since World War II, Australia has received waves of immigrants and has been through these waves that Australia has become a truly multicultural country. Its main cities are mostly populated by people coming from countries such as England, New Zealand, China, India, Korea, and many European countries.

Immigration has had a great impact upon the characteristics of the Australian people, making them one of the most tolerant people of the world. They hold their multiculturalism and respect for other cultures with very high regards and have very low tolerance for discrimination; something that is clearly reflected in their laws.

If you are thinking of moving to Australia here is a short list of pros and cons you should evaluate before making your decision.

· Pros:

o The UN has declared Australia as the second best country to live in behind Norway, because of its high standards of living and the great conditions its citizens enjoy.

o The Wall Street Journal has declared Australia as the happiest country in the world based on a study that measured eleven variables to determine the quality of life of people in different countries. Among these variables were education, income, employment, and health.

o Australian citizens have a government sponsored health care system called Medicare which covers all of their medical needs and is completely free.

o Australia has an active and boasting economy. Its main focus is on the Asian-Pacific economic region, meaning that its main economic allies are Asian countries.

o Australia is very welcoming to newcomers, since there are several government agencies that work in lending a hand to immigrants by advising and helping them in finding a job, and adjusting to their new life.

o The level of education in Australia is very high and its educational system is considered to be one of the best among the world.

o Australia is one of the safest nations in the world. Its crime rates are extremely low thanks to the efficient security system it has and the laid back and pacifist attitude of its citizens.

o The climate in Australia is very comfortable. It has subtropical weather in the northern regions and temperate weather to the south with seasons. Most of the year the weather is quite warm and sunny, and during the winter it is never too cold. Snow does not fall on any part of Australia.

o The Australian way of life focuses a great deal in enjoying free time with friends and family. The beaches are frequently visited by both natives and tourists all year long and Australians enjoy outdoor activities and being in contact with nature.

· Cons

o Because of its geographical location, Australian economy focuses on the Asian-Pacific region, meaning that its main business partners are countries from this area such as China, Japan, Korea, and India. For this reason, many companies in Australia favor hiring people from these countries when looking for talent abroad. People capable of speaking those languages will have an advantage over those who do not.

o There is a great geographical distance between Australia and the Americas and Europe. A fact that many immigrants from these regions have to face is the long distances they would be putting between them and their friends and family back home.

o Traveling to and from Australia can mean up to twenty-four or thirty hours flights for Americans and Europeans. The average cost of a plane ticket can be over US$ 2,000 . This means that once you are in Australia, it will be quite expensive in both time and money to visit your homeland.

o Communicating with friends and family back home can be troublesome because of the different time zones. The difference in hours can be up to ten hours ahead or behind the Americas and Europe.

o The Australian workforce is highly educated and prepared thanks to its excellent education system meaning that job searching can be quite hard because of the competition most people face.

Besides the pros and cons of moving to Australia, there are some other things you should know about the country. Australia is quite big, the sixth largest country in the world, with nearly three million square miles of territory. But it is also very scarcely populated, it barely has 7.3 square miles population density, meaning that most of its territory is largely unpopulated.

Most of the population live near the coast lines as most of its main cities are located near the sea. Distances between cities in Australia can be quite lengthy, a flight from Sydney which is located to the south east of the island to Perth, located to the south west, can be five hours long.

The Australian outback is the great expansion of land located in the center of the island. It is a semi-arid place made by large plains and a few mountains. It is home to Australia’s most famous fauna such as kangaroos, dingoes, koalas, and platypuses. Australia is famous for its biodiversity and the exotic and unique animals that inhabit the land.

Australians enjoy being in contact with nature and take care of their natural resources and are very protective and proud of their animals. Australia has several legislations that take care of the environment and a very eco-friendly government.

Australia has several major cities, the most famous being Sydney which is the most populated in the country. Sydney is the main target for most tourists and immigrants and is home to two of the most famous Australian landmarks, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Some people believe Sydney to be Australia’s capital, but it is not; the capital is Canberra, a smaller city located in New South Wales which houses the most important buildings of the country such as the Federal Parliament and the National Library.

Other important cities in Australia are Melbourne located in the state of Victoria, the smallest and most populated one, and Brisbane, the third most populated city located in Queensland. Darwin located at the north of the country and Adelaide situated at the south center.

Being a former British colony, the Australian government is very similar to Britain’s. There is one federal government and six state governments. Australia is a country which upholds democracy and equality above everything else. Australian laws condemn any kind of discrimination.

Australia is without a doubt a beautiful paradise filled with warm people that receive immigrants with open arms. It is a multicultural country where discrimination is widely frowned upon, the perfect place for a new start for people from all around the world.