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Erhalten Sie unverbindliche Angebote von bis zu 6 Umzugsunternehmen

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Sparen Sie bis zu 50 % bei den Kosten für nationale und international Umzüge und Transporte

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When it is time to begin packing your household items for the move. Here are some simple tips for most of the things in your home: •Furniture: Furniture is by far some of the most confusing stuff to pack during a move. While the specific rules will vary depending on the type of furniture you’re dealing with, you want to be sure that all vulnerable pieces of the furniture (Such as exposed wooden tops or beautiful fabric seats or details) are covered securely to avoid ripping, scratching or damage. Once you’ve done that, it’s simply a matter of finding a place within the shipping container to pack the furniture so it’s secure and cannot move around. •Sofa: To pack your sofa well, you’ll want to remove all of the couch’s cushions and stack them separately. If you’re worried about them getting dirty or stained, cover them in plastic or wrap them in trash bags to keep them safe. Once the sofa is free of its cushions, it should get packed in the back of the shipping container, right side up, on the ground. •Table: Tables can be difficult to move because of their large potential for damage. To keep your table safe, cover the top to avoid scratches and be sure to wrap the legs to prevent them from getting dinged or damaged during transit. Bonus points if your table comes apart. That way, you can tuck it securely against the side of the shipping container and prevent it from being damaged in transit. •Carpets: Carpets are some of the easiest household items to move. For best results, just vacuum your carpets first, and then roll them up into long tubes. Secure them with tape, and tuck them into the shipping container where they won’t be bent or crumpled. •Beds: When moving beds, it’s critical to protect not only the surface of the mattress but the bedframe as well. To do this, remove the mattress and box spring from the bedframe and wrap them both in a “bed bag” (available at most local moving stores). Once you’ve done this, disassemble the bed frame and wrap it securely in a large sheet or a series of moving blankets to prevent it from being scratched in transit. •Desk: Since desks don’t typically disassemble very easily, they can be confusing to move. TO keep yours in good shape, cover the top with a moving blanket and secure it with tape. Empty the drawers and wrap the legs in bubble wrap to prevent them from being damaged in transit. •Dresser: Dressers are a common yet tough moving challenge. To move your dresser, remove the drawers (yet keep them full) and place the dresser into the shipping container. Once you’ve done this, put the drawers back in the dresser and secure them with painter’s tape to keep them from sliding open and spilling during transit. •Bench: To move an entry bench, cover the upholstered or wooden top with a shipping blanket to prevent it from becoming damaged or stained. Once you’ve done that, wrap the bench with a sheet or a shipping blanket to protect it from damage and place it in a secure location in the shipping container. •Mirror: Mirrors are a high-risk moving item, as they can shatter very easily. To protect your mirror, wrap it in a moving blanket and bubble wrap, and then slip it into a mirror-specific moving box. Pack it vertically in the moving container, against a wall or other solid object, where it will not have much room to move around. •Wardrobe: If you’ve got a large, heirloom wardrobe to move, protecting it is of the utmost importance. Wrap any part of the wardrobe that will come into contact with the shipping container or other furniture in a moving blanket. Once you’ve done this, secure the wardrobe in the shipping container. •Television: If you’ve got the box your television came in, consider placing it back into the box for moving purposes. If you don’t, head to your nearest moving store and pick one up. In addition to being inexpensive, these boxes can go a long way toward protecting your television from damage during the moving process. Once you’ve found a box, secure your television with bubble wrap and tape the box closed. •Chairs: Chairs should get stacked atop a table (with a moving blanket in-between to protect surfaces).

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Das hängt grundsätzlich davon ab, wohin Sie umziehen. Das internationale Umzugsunternehmen wird sich lange vor Ihrem Umzug mit Ihnen abstimmen. Man wird Sie dort ebenfalls über Freigaben und internationale Zollbestimmungen aufklären.
Das hängt davon ab, wohin Sie umziehen. Ihr internationales Umzugsunternehmen kann Sie diesbezüglich beraten. Sie sollten darauf achten, dass Sie Ihr internationales Umzugsunternehmen rechtzeitig vor dem Umzugstermin kontaktieren.
Teilen Sie dem internationalen Umzugsunternehmen unbedingt mit, welche Ihrer Gegenstände wertvoll sind. Das internationale Umzugsunternehmen wird sein Bestes tun, um Ihnen mit diesen Gegenständen zu helfen. Es wird Sie über die besten Verpackungsmethoden informieren und dazu beraten, wie Sie die Gegenstände, die Sie international transportieren wollen, beim Zoll angeben müssen.
Es könnte sinnvoll sein, sich über eine Transportversicherung zu informieren. Damit sind Sie vor Schäden und Verlusten bei internationalen Umzügen geschützt. Sie sollten sich vergewissern, dass Ihr internationales Umzugsunternehmen während des Umzugs besonders sorgfältig mit Ihrer Habe umgehen wird, daher ist es sinnvoll sich mit ihm über den Versicherungsschutz zu beraten.
Die wenigsten Umzugsunternehmen übernehmen den Umzug Ihrer Haustiere selbst, meistens engagieren sie ein Spezialunternehmen, um den sicheren Transport Ihres Haustieres abzuwickeln.

We all know that packing can be so hectic and challenging, and we tend to develop a negative attitude towards it; however, this shouldn’t be the case. Following these simple tips will inspire you to do it quicker and in an organised manner:

  • Since there are many things that one needs when packing, you should start early — like some weeks prior the moving day.
  • Start with the things you are less likely to use on a daily basis. As days go by, do the same until there is nothing to pack and you are ready to move.
  • Label the boxes you have filled for easy identification during unpacking.
  • Make sure to fill all suitcases with clothes instead of packing empty ones. Make sure you use every empty vessel.
  • Put all the boxes in a single room from where you can grab them easily and put them in the moving vehicle.
  • Put heavy items in small boxes, and light objects in large boxes to avoid them being torn due to the excessive weight during transportation.
  • Take apart all the furniture.
  • Instead of packing blankets, wrap them around other items like lampshades.
  • Do not pack hanging clothes — keep them on hangers and pack them in your car.
  • Lastly, to save on the money, be organised and ready before the movers arrive to use the least possible time.
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