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Compair Top 50 International Moving Companies


Schenker is a Germany-based international moving and logistics company. A well-known and highly used subsidiary of the popular Deutsche Bahn, a German rail company, Schenker is an offshoot of one of the largest transport company in the world. While Schenker’s offerings are varied and diverse, some of the company’s services include the following:

While Schenker specializes in moves into and out of Germany and throughout the rest of Europe, they do occasionally offer moves in other areas, so it’s worth evaluating their services if you’re planning on moving out of the country.

ABF Moving

ABF Moving is a division of ABF logistics, and serves to provide its customers with an affordable and professional platform for moving within the U.S. One of the company’s most unique offerings is its U-Pack service. When a customer opts for this service, ABF Moving will deliver a packing container or trailer to the customer’s door. Once it is delivered, the customer packs the moving container, and ABF will pick it up and move it to the desired location. In addition to being convenient, this service is also charged based on space rather than weight, which keeps it affordable.

2 Men and a Truck

A moving company specializing in small-scale moves, 2 Men and a Truck offers moving and relocation services for home and business moves. Professional, reliable, and friendly, this company offers moving storages, storage services, moving supplies (including boxes, packing paper, markers, bubble wrap, and tape), and plenty of moving resources designed to help timid or inexperienced residents get their moving process underway. Since 2 Men and a Truck offers such a wide selection of services, they offer free quotes to their customers, and can help interested parties locate the right moving teams for their upcoming move.

United Van Lines

United Van Lines is the single most widely searched-for moving company in the United States. Founded in 1928, United Van Lines is an offshoot of Unigroup, which reigns in the industry for its $1.7 billion valuation.  Unlike many U.S.-based moving companies, United Van Lines assists clients with moves to upwards of 180 countries. Depending on your needs, you can access the following services from United Van Lines:

Visa, immigration, and paperwork assistance

Although United Van Lines assists with international moves, they will also handle local moves as well.

U- Haul

U-Haul is a household name among DIY movers around the world. Developed in the years following WWII, U-Haul was designed to help people facilitate their own moves, easier and more cheaply than they may be able to by hiring a large moving company. According to the U-Haul website, the average person moves 11 times in a lifetime, and DIY moves can be completed for less than half of the cost of a professional mover. Specializing in trucks, trailers, and moving equipment, U-Haul offers everything DIY movers need to pack and move their homes wherever they’re going in the world.


Pickfords is a UK-based moving companies that reigns as one of the oldest in the world. With roots dating back to the 1600s, Pickfords is the ideal moving company for anyone who wants to go from one place to another in one of any of the 45 countries they serve. In addition to the UK, Pickfords also operates in the US, Canada, and the Middle East. The company offers more than 600 global offices and specializes in door-to-door relocation for its customers. In addition to handling individual moves, they also offer corporate and business relocation and storage for their clients.

2 Men and a Truck 

A moving company specializing in small-scale moves, 2 Men and a Truck offers moving and relocation services for home and business moves. Professional, reliable, and friendly, this company offers moving storages, storage services, moving supplies (including boxes, packing paper, markers, bubble wrap, and tape), and plenty of moving resources designed to help timid or inexperienced residents get their moving process underway. Since 2 Men and a Truck offers such a wide selection of services, they offer free quotes to their customers, and can help interested parties locate the right moving teams for their upcoming move.


SIRVA used to be known as Allied Worldwide. The new incarnation of the company was created when two companies, North American Van Lines and Atlas Van Lines merged into one. Developed in 1998, SIRVA now serves government entities, companies, and individual families and people throughout the world. While SIRVA is based in the U.S., it helps to facilitate moves (roughly 250,000 of them each year) to more than 170 countries. There are upwards of 1,400 SIRVA locations throughout the world, and customers who opt to work with this company will enjoy end-to-end service for their upcoming relocation or move.

Big Yellow Storage

Big Yellow Storage is one of the most popular self-storage companies in the UK.  Offering secure, quality, clean self-storage units throughout London and the UK, Big Yellow Storage provides users with more than 87 places to store their goods during a move. In addition to the fact that Big Yellow Storage offers convenience and affordability, Big Yellow Storage is also the largest self-storage company in the UK. They offer business storage for corporations specializing in merchandise, palleted goods, eBay stock, or even office furniture. Unlike many other storage facilities, Big Yellow Storage doesn’t require users to sign complex leases or pay business rates.

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines reigns as the second biggest moving company in the U.S. As it stands today, the company offers 500 moving agents and service in more than 140 countries. A varied company that offers a wide selection of services, Atlas Van Lines specializes in individual, corporate, military, and government moves. The company also offers storage, organization, and planning services for individuals in the midst of a move or relocation. While the U.S. is the largest market of Atlas Van Lines, the company also completes extensive operations throughout the U.K., and is worth looking into as you plan your next move.

Graebel Van Lines

Graebel Van Lines is one of America’s largest moving companies. The company handles both individual and corporate moves around the country and the world. If a client needs help with an international move, Graebel Van Lines provides internationally-trained and certified packing professionals who can help movers handle their relocations. For domestic moves, they offer moving coordinators designed to help people manage the various aspects of a move. Ideal for anyone who needs a large level of support throughout the moving process, Grabel Van Lines is the company with the experience, skills, and equipment to get the job done.

Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck is a home moving company that helps customers manage their relocations in various ways. Featuring licensed, insured, and bonded moving professionals, Two Men and a Truck offers a selection of services, including packing and unpacking, clean trucks, quality moving equipment, and a friendly staff that specializes in helping people master their relocations. In addition to handling home moves, Two Men and a Truck also handles business moves, ranging from retail stores to professional offices, schools, and nonprofits. The go-to source for a variety of moves, Two Men and a Truck is a fantastic company for anyone moving long-distance.

U-Pack Moving

U-Pack moving is an affordable moving solution that allows people moving out of state or out of country to pack their own moving containers. During a U-Pack move, the company delivers a selection of empty moving equipment based on a client’s needs and upcoming move. The company then offers the client up to three business days to load and fill the empty packing equipment. Once this is done, the company comes to pick up the moving equipment and transports it to the client’s new location. Once the moving equipment arrives, the client unloads it and the company picks it up once more.

Shipco Transport

Shipco Transport is a Denmark-based moving company that handles moves on a domestic and international basis, and provides service from 75 offices in more than 30 countries. Shipco’s specialty is container shipping for international moves. While the company specializes in this, they also offer air freight shipping services. One of the most unique features of Shipco Transport is that they offer assistance to help people ensure their moves are fully compliant with a variety of foreign and local laws, which can help ensure that a massive overseas move goes off without a hitch. Ideal for anyone who wants professional container shipping, this is the company to contact.


Settelen is a Switzerland-based company that handles domestic and foreign moves. The company extends services to individuals and businesses alike. While there are dozens of countries the company serves, they offer moves to neighboring countries throughout Europe as well as handling intercontinental removals when needed. In addition to handling moves, the company also does storage, special transport, and offers vans, trucks, and cars for hire. Ideal for anyone who needs a highly skilled and well-rounded moving company for hire, Settelen is an all-in-one service for virtually all things moving and transport, which makes them ideal for first-time or inexperienced movers.


Self-Storage is a type of storage in which a person moving into or out of a home rents a storage facility and moves into or out of it on his or her own. While self-storage facilities don’t often offer moving help like a dedicated moving company would, they do offer secure places to store household goods, furniture, personal items, and more until they’re needed again. Located all around the globe, self-storage has become a popular way to downsize on household goods, hold onto items you don’t have room to display, and keep your belongings secure as your big move unfolds.

Public Storage

Public storage takes a wide selection of formats. Some public storage facilities are located in a shared building, where individual storage sheds are kept secure behind lock and key, while others are in a public location, although each storage unit is accessed separately. Must like self-storage, the only thing that truly differs about public storage is that some public storage facilities are walk-up rather than drive-up, which may present a challenge for people moving or storing large items like furniture. Ideal for anyone who wants to keep their items safe for the long-term, public storage is a great way to enjoy security and cost-effectiveness all at once.

Pod Storage

Pod Storage is like self-storage, but just a bit different. Pod storage delivers a storage pod to a mover’s home or office and allows them to pack it themselves. Ideal for all sorts of situations, ranging from a local or international move, downsizing, home construction, remodeling, or even outdoor storage, pod storage is a perfect way for people to keep their household goods and personal belongings safe during a transition. Pods can also be used for long-distance moves, and have become a popular storage method among people who are moving out of the state or to a different country entirely.

Conroy Removals

Conroy removals is an Australia-based moving company that deals with residential and business moves between New Zealand and Australia. The company also handles moves from the UK, the U.S., Asia, Europe, The Middle East, Canada, South Africa, and Ireland. Specializing in international moves, the company has offices throughout both Australia and New Zealand. Dedicated to providing a wide selection of moving services, Conroy Removals offers packing, monetary exchange, and insurance. The company will also ship your car, which makes them a popular choice for expats undertaking a move to one of their many service areas around the globe.

Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations is located in Hong Kong and offers removal services for residents in 58 countries. Around the world, the company has more than 265 locations. While the company itself is based in Hong Kong, the staff at the company speaks more than 53 languages and hails from upwards of 70 countries. In addition to handling moves, packing, organization, and management for movers, the company also offers storage and transport for its clients. Unlike many other moving companies, Crown Relocations has a unique claim to fame: it was responsible for moving the Mona Lisa back in 2005.


Teletrans is a moving company based in Greece. The company offers moving services around the globe, and helps its customers take advantage of the company’s private fleet and warehouses to facilitate inexpensive and high-quality moves. Founded in 1979, Teletrans offers professional moving for household, business, and cargo goods, and can help people figure out how to get from Point A to Point B in a matter of days. While this company specializes in moves to and from Greece, it’s important to remember that they serve clients around the world, and will gladly work with virtually anyone on any move.

Team Relocations

Team Relocations is a UK-based company that currently reigns as one of the biggest international moving companies in the world. In addition to helping people move, Team Relocations also manages moves and operates offices in 13 countries around the world. Some of their locations include France, Germany, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, and Norway. To provide the best possible service to their clients, Team Relocations works with the Global Allied International Network to carry out moves. Through this partnership, the company can offer additional features like packing, moving checklists, and even insurance on your move and your items. The company also offers storage for those who need it.


Packimpex is an international mover based in Switzerland. The company offers international moves into and out of Switzerland, and helps its individual household clients move about 4,000 times each year. The thing that sets Packimpex apart from other companies is that this company issues a binding quote within two days and offers packers who are fluent in various languages, so there’s never an issue with communication. What’s more, the company uses eco-friendly packing material to do their part to protect the environment. The company offers moving by land, air, and sea, and will do everything in their power to combine loads to reduce cost for clients.

National Van Lines

National Van Lines is a national moving company that’s been rated an A+ company by the Better Business Bureau. Advertising itself as “America’s most reputable national moving company,” National Van Lines specializes in moving for residential and commercial clients. To serve its clients, the company offers everything from local moving and logistics to specialty moving, storage, and commercial moving. Other services include warehousing and distribution and military moving. Ideal for any company that needs a broad relocation company that knows how to serve its customers, National Van Lines is an ideal choice for a quality removal company.

Mudanzas Gou

Mudanzas Gou is a moving and shipment company based in Mexico, which specializes in international moves. Established in 1900, Mudanzas Gou currently serves its customers with the help of several other large moving companies. Because of these partnerships, the company is capable of helping customers with everything from the shipment of automobiles to the shipment of priceless works of art. Mudanzas Gou offers shipments on land, sea, and air, and can provide professional packing and transport services to all of its clients around the country. Mudanzas Gou operates ten offices throughout Mexico, so it’s always easy for customers to locate the company.

Island Movers

Island Movers is located in Hawaii and helps people move into and out of the U.S. – from the mainland states to Hawaii’s many islands. To provide the best possible service for customers, Island Movers offers shipment help including moving, freight forwarding, trucking, warehouse storage of items, storage for business records, shredding of sensitive documents, container storage, and even end-to-end delivery of appliances and furniture. Ideal for anyone who is looking to move to Hawaii and needs some quality help, Island Movers is a great team for a big job – regardless of whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced mover.

Gil Stauffer

Gil Stauffer is a removal company based in Spain, and has claimed its slice of the moving empire by promising to move its customers to or from any location on the globe, every single day of the year. To accommodate this massive promise, the company offers removals via air, land, or sea. The company can also help customers straighten out customs forms and ensure that all shipments are in compliance with international authorities. Gil Stauffer also offers a massive selection of moving vehicles to accommodate its customers, and can help customers move everything from large homes to small apartments.

Clockwork Removals

Clockwork Removals is a British moving company, which offers both local and international moving services to its clients. The company specializes in moves abroad as well as moves in the domestic area, and focuses mainly on moves to the USA, UAE, UK, Australia, and Canada. The company also serves moves to New Zealand and mainland Europe. The company has been in operation for more than 30 years and is highly experienced in helping its clients complete their relocations. Clockwork Removals offers a focus on sustainability, and promises to plant a tree for each and every container they move.


Bollinger is one of the biggest international moving companies in Italy, and has been in operation for more than 100 years. Currently, the moving company has regional offices in places like New York, London, Milan, Florence, and Madrid. Bollinger specializes in international moves and offers freight and air shipments as well as land- and air-based transports and load sharing to multiple destinations around the world. The company also offers assistance with customs procedures and can help clients ensure their shipments are in regulation with international laws.Ideal for anyone who is considering moving to or from Italy, Bollinger is a skilled and helpful moving company.


1-800-Pack-Rat is a U.S.-based moving company that helps organize and orchestrate moves for clients throughout the U.S. and Canada. While 1-800-Pack-Rat will help customers orchestrate their moves, the company uses moving containers to do it, which can streamline the process and help a move clip along more efficiently. Keep in mind that the containers this company uses vary in size from some other containers. There are three sizes available for interested parties: 16 foot, 12 foot, and 8 foot. The size of container you choose will ultimately depend on your destination and the type of shipping container you’ll need.

White and Company 

White and Company is a UK-based moving company that offers domestic moves, European moves, international moves, and storage solutions for a wide variety of moving needs. While moving can be difficult, White and Company seeks to make it as simple as possible by ensuring that every client has the support and accessories they need to move successfully. Built on the ideals of reliability and respect, White and Company has made a name for itself by caring deeply for its clients’ belongings and being one of the largest international moving companies in all of the UK. Turn to them for all of your international moving needs!

Right Move

Right Move is an Edmonton-based moving company that serves Canada and the world. While Right Move provides domestic moving services to people located in the Edmonton area, it also serves long-distance moving customers. Specializing in things like emergency moving services, and local storage and moving, Right move is your source for all things moving. From climate-controlled storage and packing supplies to packing, unpacking, loading and unloading, Right Move seeks to offer all available services to the people and families it serves. Ideal for anyone looking into moving to Edmonton or anywhere else in the world, Right Move makes even the largest moves simple.

Greens Removals

Greens Removals is a Suffolk-based moving and relocation company that offers a wide selection of moving services at very competitive prices. Specializing in both state and international moves, Greens Removals offers online quotes for anyone looking to move anywhere. While moving can be difficult for the people undertaking it, Greens Removals seeks to make the entire process easier, and goes to great pains to help its clients get organized and stay that way throughout their move. Ideal for anyone looking to move into Suffolk or from Suffolk around the world, Greens Removals is a diverse and helpful relocation company.

Fox Moving

Fox Moving is an Atlanta, Georgia-based moving company that offers local moving services for its clients. While Fox Moving doesn’t handle international relocations, it’s a wonderful place for residents of the Southeastern U.S. to turn when they need skilled moving assistance. Featuring a well-trained, expert moving team that can help clients do everything from pack their homes to fill a storage shed, Fox Moving is a one-stop-shop for all things moving. Ideal for anyone moving in the area of Atlanta, Fox Moving is a skilled, trusted, and reliable moving company that’s made a name for itself by quality service.


FedEx offers a freight shipping and delivery service for clients. While there are dozens of different ways to take advantage of this, one of the most popular ways people choose to utilize the service is via their packing and shipping offerings.  Clients of FedEx can simply take an item to the FedEx counter and the professionals there will pack and ship it, ensuring that it is secured and ready for transit. Items packed by FedEx are backed by the FedEx Office Packing Pledge. Ideal for anyone who needs to ship and prepare a bulky or unwieldy item for moving, this simple offering is a wonderful way to make the most of shipping services.


DHL Movers and Packers is a full-service moving company that offers safe, fast, reputable moving assistance to its clients. With more than six years of experience in the moving and packing industry, DHL Movers and Packers is a trusted and reliable source of packing and moving assistance for people looking for both local and long-distance moves. A small moving company that’s steadily grown in size over the years, DHL has made a name for itself via transparent policies, timely move completion, a professional approach to all of its moves, and superior-quality packing materials designed to keep your items safe. 

Clockwork Removals

Clockwork removals is a British moving company that specializes in all forms of moving, from domestic moves to long-distance moves around the world. While the company focuses on moves in the UK, they also assist with moves between the UK, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, the UAE, mainland Europe, and Australia. With more than 30 years of experience in the moving industry, Clockwork Removals has outstanding reviews and credentials and has made a name for itself as a reputable and friendly company with a minimal carbon footprint. In fact, the company plants a tree for each and every container they move!

Australian Vanlines

Australian Vanlines is an Australia-based moving company that offers both local and international removals for its clients. Specializing in moves of all types, Australian Vanlines provides interstate moving services, international and overseas moving, office and corporate relocations, storage services, and commercial and machinery transport for its clients. What’s more, Australian Vanlines offers one thing that many companies do not: pet transport. Ideal for anyone who has a beloved family pet to move along with them, Australian Vanlines will handle everything from paperwork to boarding for your four-legged friend. Ideal for anyone who is moving to or from Australia, this reputable company can help.

Any Van

Any Van is a moving services company that boasts more than 2.6 million customers. Designed to allow users to find the moving service or platform they need to move any item anywhere, Any Van works by asking users to input details about their move, and then providing them with specific quotes. From there, the user chooses a driver based on quotes and reviews, and books the move through the company’s secure platform. Partnered with companies like Zoopla and Right Move, Any Van is a reputable, resourceful moving resource for people both inside of and outside of the UK.


Abels is a UK-based moving company that promises stress-free moves for its clients. Offering moves in the UK as well as worldwide relocations, Abels is a full-service moving company that also offers additional moving services like storage and relocation guides. If all of that weren’t enough, Abels also offers commercial moves for companies and enterprises throughout the UK and the world. Priding itself on care for your items and the ability to provide its users with a streamlined and stress-free move, Abels is truly one of the best relocation companies in all of the UK, and people looking to move out of the UK or across the world will do well to look them up.

Ship It

Ship It is a UK-based moving company that serves more than 6,500 destinations around the world. Built on the ideals of fast, friendly moving services, and skilled packing services, Ship It helps their clients organize and prepare for a major move, regardless of what stage of life they’re currently in. What’s more, Ship It prides itself on safe, smart, fast transport, and will help keep your belongings safe and secure by packing and shrink-wrapping your pallets during an overseas move or helping you arrange your household items correctly for a local move. When you move with Ship It you can rest assured knowing your items are safe and well cared-for.

North American Vanlines

North American Vanlines boasts that it has moved more than 1,000,000 times, and with experience like that, it’s easy to see why this moving company reigns as one of the most trustworthy in the industry. A varied and diverse relocation specialist, North American Vanlines offers household, international, long-distance, and corporate moves designed to help everyone move more simply and easily across the board. In addition to their various physical moving services, North American Vanlines also offers moving resources like packing tips and timelines to help their customers plan and organize their moves for maximum efficiency and simplicity.

Aussie Removals

Aussie Removals is a London-based moving company that moves seven days a week and prides itself on the various steps it takes to make moving easier for its customers. In addition to offering free quotes, larger moving trucks, and a wide selection of moving services, including corporate, personal, and local moves, Aussie Removals has made it their mission to offer transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Regardless of whether you’re moving your home around the London area, or looking to undertake a massive, long-distance move, this company can help you get organized, plan your move, and be as efficient as possible in all aspects of your upcoming relocation.

AMJ Campbell

AMJ Campbell is a major relocation company that offers assistance with everything from residential moving, to office moving and massive corporate relocations. The company also offers assistance with logistics and a series of specialized moving services designed to help their customers get the most from their moves. In addition to offering packing and storage assistance, AMJ Campbell also offers local moves, long-distance moving, and a commitment to detail, skill, and quality. While AMJ Campbell may not look much different from other large moving companies on the surface, their commitment to their customers is unparalleled, and they take great pains to serve you well.

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