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Moving to Monaco? A Guide to Monacan Living, An Expat’s Guide

The First Steps: Orchestrating Your Move to Monaco

Moving to Monaco is a pretty simple process. Because the country receives so many expats seeking the country’s tax-haven government and wonderful climate, it’s often quite simple to immigrate here without much hassle. If you’ve made the decision to move to Monaco, one of the first things you’ll need to do is to establish a bank account. Minimum deposit amounts will vary depending on the bank chosen (and often range between 300,000-1 million euros), but once the account has been open for 7-10 days, the organization behind the bank account will issue a bank attestation form, which proves that you have enough money to support your new lifestyle in Monaco. This form will be critical to all other pieces of the immigration process. Keep in mind that, if you’re moving to Monaco to take a job, a letter proving that job offer is also required. In addition to a bank account and proof of a job contract, you’ll also need to apply for residency through the Surete Publique. This is done in person, and will require the following documents:

Once you’ve compiled all of this paperwork, you’ll be required to schedule an interview with immigration office personnel. This meeting will cover your reasons for moving to Monaco and plan to make income once you’re there. Once the interview is completed, you’ll be issued a residency card, which is valid for 12 months and must be renewed annually after that for three years. After 12 years of residency in Monaco, you become eligible for an extended (10-year) residency card.


Finding Housing in Monaco

Once you’ve decided to move to Monaco, one of the first things you’ll need to figure out is your housing. Monaco requires you to have proof of a rented property or purchased property before applying for residency, so it’s critical to start working on this immediately.
Luckily, obtaining property is quite simple in Monaco. As a luxury property haven, the real estate market is open to investors from around the world. Many expats who have the means choose to buy property in Monaco. In addition to being beautiful, Monaco real estate can be a fantastic investment thanks to the advantageous tax system which benefits Monaco residents, and the excellent climate the country has to offer. Even if you don’t decide to stay in Monaco forever, a piece of quality Monaco property can easily be rented down the road, turning into a source of passive income for the expat who owns it. If you choose to rent property, instead, you’ll be confronted with several high-quality options. Rentals range from studio apartments to multi-bedroom penthouses, and it’s easy to find something that works for you, whatever your unique situation may be. Keep in mind that, while Monaco is a small country, it is divided into several distinct areas, each of which offers a different real estate scene. The Casino Square, close to the beaches and nightlife the country has to offer, is one of the most in-demand areas, followed closely by The Jardin Exotique and the Quartier St Romain. Real estate in any of these areas will be more expensive, and rental prices will be higher. If you’re not interested in paying high prices, it’s wise to look for an apartment just off of the beaten path. In Monaco, the bus network is efficient and broad, and it’s not difficult to get around, even if you rent a place that’s not “in the midst of it all.” Regardless of whether you choose to purchase or rent, be sure to hire a Monaco real estate professional to help you.

The 4 Best Areas of Monaco

While it’s one of the smallest countries on earth, Monaco is also one of the most diverse and in-demand. Depending on what you’re looking for in a home city, the following locations may suit you nicely:

1. Monte Carlo
By far the most famous area in Monaco, Monte Carlo is known around the world as one of the premier luxury destinations for travelers from around the globe. Famous for its ultra-glamorous Casino de Monte-Carlo and Hôtel de Paris, Monte Carlo is a glitzy city with plenty of art, attractions, nightlife, and fine dining to offer virtually any expat. What’s more, since the area is a popular tourist attraction, it’s easy to find service-industry jobs that pay well and provide consistent exposure to interesting people.

2. La Condamine
La Condamine is one of the oldest quarters of Monaco and is widely regarded as the seat of commercial industry. Home to the Condamine Market and Port Hercule, La Condamine is the economic heart of Monaco, offering plenty of industrial jobs and proximity to some of the most bustling industries the country has to offer. The area isn’t all industrial, though, and it’s easy to find quality residential properties here that offer proximity to good jobs, as well as the beauty and comfort that Monaco is so famous for.

3. Monaco-Ville
Monaco—Ville is often called “Le Rocher,” or “The Rock.” The area gets its name from its physical position: it’s built on a high, rocky outcropping that looms out into the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful, striking, and attractive, this area is home to the Prince’s Palace and boasts some of Monaco’s oldest medieval attractions, like an ancient Cathedral and old boutiques that date back hundreds of years. The village is quaint and approachable, with dozens of small shops, cafes, and restaurants waiting to be found on virtually every corner.

4. Fontvieille
The newest ward Monaco has to offer, Fontvieille is an area that was reclaimed from the sea thanks to a massive government effort in the 1980s. Currently the seat to many of Monaco’s industrial and economic institutions, Fontvieille is a good place to find affordable real estate and a high quality of life, as well as proximity to good jobs and ample attractions.

Emigrating to Monaco

Pros and Cons of Living in Monaco

While Monaco is regarded by the international community as a playground for the rich and famous, it’s wise to understand exactly what living in the area will mean before you commit. With this in mind, take the time to consider the pros and cons of the area before you make the leap:



Moving to Monaco: The Choice of a Lifetime

While moving to Monaco may not be right for everyone, it’s a fantastic option that can bring joy, leisure, abundance, and beauty into your daily life. In addition to the fact that Monaco is located on some of the most desirable areas of the Mediterranean Sea, the tiny country is also prosperous, diverse, welcoming, painfully beautiful, and friendly for enterprising expats looking to start a company and build a new life. What’s more, since Monacan residents do not pay taxes, the country is an easy place to grow wealth and prosperity. Moreover, people who purchase real estate in the country often find themselves with a solid investment opportunity that continues to function as a source of passive income for years. Regardless of whether you want to move to Monaco for business or pleasure, the country offers a little something for everyone. From beautiful, turquoise seas to delicious, world-class cuisine and friendly people, Monaco is truly a place unlike any other. By finding a property to purchase or rent in Monaco, and making the big move to this tiny yet flourishing country, it’s easy to overhaul your life, create an exciting future, and build a happy, fulfilling lifestyle in the heart of one of the most beautiful, prosperous countries in the entire world. Plus, when you’re well-prepared for the process of moving to Monaco, the whole move goes more smoothly – from beginning to end.

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