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Moving to Luxembourg: What Every Expat Should Know

Luxembourg is known around the world as one of the E.U.’s smallest states. Despite its size, though, Luxembourg manages to deliver diversity, beauty, and ample opportunities for the expats who migrate there. Bordered by Germany, France, and Belgium, Luxembourg is a lovely, centrally-located place to be an expat. Read on to learn more about Luxembourg, and why moving there may be the best thing you’ve ever done.

10 Reasons to Move to Luxembourg

While there are many reasons to move to Luxembourg, here are the top ten that most expats cite:

1. Varied landscapes perfect for a variety of pursuits
People who live in Luxembourg will enjoy the fact that the country offers dozens of different landscapes. People who want to live in the mountains can find a landscape that suits them well, just like people who want to live in the forest or valley can easily find a place to call home. This diversity makes it an endlessly interesting place to explore.

2. Luxembourg has a diverse expat community
Just over 44% of Luxembourg’s population is comprised of expats, which means that the country is a very welcoming place for people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Expats here typically find that Luxembourg is an easy place to adjust to, and that the community in general embraces newcomers with open arms.

3. Luxembourg has a strong economy
As the second richest country in the world, Luxembourg offers dozens of high-paying opportunities for expats to settle down and make a handsome living. What’s more, Luxembourg’s economy is only projected to grow and become more stable with time.

4. Luxembourg has a very high minimum wage
For workers frustrated by the low minimum wages throughout other parts of the world, Luxembourg may be the place to go. With the highest minimum wage in all of the EU, Luxembourg is a worker-friendly country that insists on a high standard of living for its residents.

5. Luxembourg has a low crime rate and safe communities
Luxembourg’s crime rate is very low and it remains famous throughout the EU and beyond as one of the safest countries on the globe. The entire country has only two jails and things like theft and assault are very rare.

6. Luxembourg is famous around the world for its wine
If you’d like to visit the restaurant with the world’s largest wine list, just head to Luxembourg. The country is known for its fertile wine valleys and offers thousands of different wines for aficionados to choose from.

7. Luxembourg offers plenty of space for expats to spread out
As the least populated country in the EU, Luxembourg is an ideal place for expats who don’t want to be crammed elbow-to-elbow with other people. While the country is a small one, it’s also ripe with places to explore and beautiful cities in which to put down roots.

8. Luxembourg is a tri-lingual country
For anyone who values multi-lingual societies or wants to be tri-lingual, Luxembourg is the place to be. Residents here typically speak Luxembourgish, French or German, and English to name a few! Some people also speak Portuguese.

9. Luxembourg is a great place for shopping
While some areas of the EU are known for the shopping opportunities they don’t have rather than the ones they do, Luxembourg bucks the trend. Shopping is a national pastime here and it’s easy to find a huge selection of designer stores, boutiques, and galleries to pass a rainy weekend.

10. Luxembourg is 1/3 covered in forests
Expats who like to get away from it all will love the fact that Luxembourg is covered densely in forests. With plenty of trails and secret spots to explore, these forests are a recreationist's dream come true.

Removals Luxembourg

The Visa Requirements in Luxembourg

As a member of the EU, Luxembourg offers free migration for anyone currently living in a Schengen state. For people from outside of the EU, however, a visa will be required to live or work in the country. Keep in mind that you can stay in Luxembourg without a visa for 90 days, but anything longer than that will require a long-term-stay visa and registration with the local immigration authorities.

Finding Housing in Luxembourg

Housing Luxembourg is readily available and easy to find. Like other developed and urban areas, the price of said rentals will vary widely depending on the rental’s location, accommodations, and size. Contact a local realtor to help you find a property in Luxembourg, or consider combing through local classifieds ads. Keep in mind that, while scams are rare in Luxembourg, they do exist and you may feel more comfortable enlisting a qualified real estate agent to help you search. As is true in many places in Europe, some “unfurnished” rentals in Luxembourg come completely unfurnished – without appliances or anything within them. While this is what some expats want, it can be startling for others, so it’s smart to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting when you dive into a rental property. If you’re considering buying in Luxembourg, it’s essential to talk to a realtor first. Housing here is amazingly expensive, and it’s out of reach for many expats. If you’re still dedicated to buying, you’ll need to team up with an experienced real estate professional to ensure you find a house you love at a price you can afford.

The 5 Best Places to Live in Luxembourg

While there are dozens of wonderful places to live in Luxembourg, these five are widely considered the best, most interesting, and most welcoming neighborhoods the country has to offer:

1. Luxembourg City
The capital of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City is the seat of the country’s banks, tax offices, and EU organizations. Don’t let its official nature fool you, though – it’s also a hub of old-world beauty and charm. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Luxembourg city is a perfect place for anyone who likes art, culture, beauty, and the vibrancy of a big city.

2. Clervaux
Located in the scenic northern portion of Luxembourg, Clervaux is a gorgeous city filled with white buildings and beautiful, green forests. With just more than 1,500 residents, this gorgeous little city is home to dozens of historic sites and old abbeys. The site of heavy fighting during World War II, Clervaux remains one of the most unique and historic cities in all of Luxembourg.

3. Ettelbrück
Situated on scenic waterways and chock-full of beautiful, pastel buildings and unique little galleries and shops, Ettelbrück is located in the heart of Luxembourg and is ideal for anyone who wants to live in a quiet, scenic city that boasts a fair share of Luxembourg’s history.

4. Diekirch
Located on the Sauer river, Diekirch is known for its beautiful waterways and lush green scenery. The city still has many of the cobbled streets that date back thousands of years and is home to a large National Military Museum that showcases many of the artifacts from Luxembourg’s military past. The town’s mascot is a donkey and, if you like a quirky, peaceful, quiet little town with plenty to offer, this one likely fits the bill.

5. Larochette
Known as castle county throughout Luxembourg, Larochette is known for its scenic ancient buildings and neo-renaissance architecture. The city is rich with walking paths and is known for all of the pursuits this area offers residents in the countrysides and surrounding rural areas.

Emigrating to Luxembourg

Pros and Cons of Moving to Luxembourg

Like any place, Luxembourg has its fair share of pros and cons. Knowing the following things can help inform your decision to move to this beautiful country, or not.



The Case for Moving to Luxembourg

While moving to Luxembourg can be a significant change for many expats, it’s a decision that few people regret. Between the country’s beautiful scenery, welcoming people, and ample attractions, there’s plenty to love about Luxembourg. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to find a good job, enjoy a place that offers plenty of things to do and see, or just put down roots in a stable, diverse, exciting country, Luxembourg could be exactly the place. Home to one of the largest communities of expats in Europe, Luxembourg is a welcoming country with more than enough diversity to make virtually any expat feel at home. What’s more, the country’s delicious food, drink, and wine are more than sufficient to win anyone over. Regardless of where you come from or what you’re looking to find, Luxembourg has it, and this small, unique country is the perfect place for expats from around the world to create a new lifestyle. Home to history, scenic beauty, architectural attractions, and plenty of music, food, art, and wine, Luxembourg is truly a unique place that offers some of the most treasured and astounding attractions in all of Europe.

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