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Moving to the Czech Republic

Moving to the Czech Republic is the ultimate adventure. Today, the Czech Republic stands out as one of the most developed places in all of Central Europe, and it’s become one of the world’s most popular tourist and expat destinations, as a result. Known for its good jobs, attractive scenery, and social and cultural attractions, the Czech Republic is a unique place filled with plenty to see, do, and explore. If you’re considering moving to the Czech Republic, this article will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Top 10 Reasons to Live in the Czech Republic

If you’re in need of some additional information about why you should move to the Czech Republic, consider these ten reasons:

1. The region is well-known for its vineyards and delicious wines
If you move to the Czech Republic, you’ll find that just two hours south of the Capital is Moravia, an area that is world-famous for its delicious wine and gorgeous scenery. A small, rural area, Moravia is filled with quaint villages, verdant vineyards, and sweeping vistas. Tourists and locals alike come to this area to enjoy walks through the old stone streets, days spent tasting any of the numerous varietals of wine, and shopping.

2. The Czech Republic features some of the most famous hot springs in the world
If you believe deeply in the power of a healing mineral bath, the Czech Republic is the place for you. Featuring such world-famous attractions as Karlovy Vary, which is one of the best-known spa towns in the world, these unique little retreats are surrounded by verdant mountains and delicious cafes, which makes them the perfect place to eat, drink, and relax.

3. The Czech Republic offers some world-class skiing
If you like to hit the slopes in the winter, head to the Czech Republic. While the mountains aren’t as big as the Alps, the area features dozens of options for skiing and snowboarding, with a handful of well-equipped parks, ski mountains, and slopes to explore.

4. Hiking is a favorite sport here
If you like to get outside and hike, you’ll love the Czech Republic. The country as a whole loves to get outdoors and walk, which contributes to a healthy, lively population. The area offers more than 24,000 miles of marked, designated hiking trails, and getting outdoors with close friends and family members is the ideal way to spend a weekend.

5. The landscape of the Czech Republic is unlike anything else on earth
From pristine ski mountains and winding hiking trails to deep caves to walk into and explore, the Czech Republic offers a varied and diverse landscape that promises to keep newcomers and locals busy for years.

6. The Czech Republic offers a unique and profound sense of history
Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic is a landlocked country that offers mind-boggling history at virtually every turn. From World War II history, such as the Terezin Concentration Camp, to remnants of the Velvet Revolution, there’s plenty to be enthralled by in this historical area.

7. The Czech Republic is filled with castles
If you fancy royal history, you’ll love the hillsides of the Czech Republic. Famous attractions like the Zbiroh Castle date back to the Renaissance to provide a living sense of history that modern visitors can walk through and enjoy.

8. The Czech Republic features 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
More than Cuba, Hungary, or Austria, the Czech Republic features a dozen UNESCO World Heritage Sites ranging from The Jewish Quarter to The Old Town of Prague.

9. The Czech Republic is home to Franz Kafka
Literary buffs love that the Czech Republic is home to famous author Franz Kafka, who grew up in Prague. Visitors and locals can retrace the author’s footsteps and visit the place he was born and his favorite cafes.

10. The Czech Republic brews some of the world's best beer
While the Czech Republic’s wine country is worth writing home about, you also can’t afford to miss its many breweries. Located in urban areas like Prague, the Czech Republic’s beer is world-famous.

Emigrating to Czech Republic

Moving to The Czech Republic:  Getting Your Visa in Order

Once you’ve decided to move to the Czech Republic, you’ll need to get your visa paperwork in order. Since the Czech Republic is a Schengen visa area, it’s quite easy to travel in and around the area if you’re a national of another Schengen country in the EU. If you’re not an EU national, however, you’ll need to apply for a different visa to live, work, and study in the Czech Republic. While the requirements for visas vary depending on your circumstances and the type of visa you're applying for, you’ll typically need to follow this process to apply:

Keep in mind that, while these are general visa guidelines, you’ll want to visit the country’s immigration website and look into the most recent requirements for a residency visa before you start the process.

Finding Housing in the Czech Republic

The level of difficulty (or ease) you’ll face when finding a house in the Czech Republic depends very much on where you’d like to live. Prague, for example, will be more expensive than some of the country’s less populated, more rural areas. Luckily, rentals are somewhat easy to find throughout the country, and you’ll have the leisure of choosing from homes, flats, and shared units to get started. Here are a few things to keep in mind about housing in the Czech Republic:

Where to Live in the Czech Republic: The Top 5 Cities

If you’ve made the decision to move to the Czech Republic, you’re likely wondering where to live. Unless you already have your heart set on a location, consider these five popular destinations as your landing place:

1. Kroměříž
Located in the far reaches of the Czech Republic, Kroměříž is a historic city that dates back to 1260. Known around the area as a popular tourist attraction, the city was catastrophically damaged in the Thirty Year’s War but has since been rebuilt. Today, attractions like the Palace and Flower Garden are featured on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, and people from around the world come to see the elaborate flower arrangements and gardens. In addition to its ample historical attractions, Kroměříž is also known for a mouth-watering brewery, plenty of good cafes, and a pleasant city center that offers shopping, dining, and social opportunities.

2. Olomouc
Olomouc was originally a Roman city, and its roots stretch back hundreds and hundreds of years. Today, the area is a popular tourist destination that features such world-renowned attractions as the Holy Trinity Column and an astrological clock. The city is an excellent example of Soviet architecture and sensibility and, today reigns as a laid-back, beautiful city with plenty to see and do – for expats and nationals alike.

3. Telč
Telč is a city that was built around a Gothic castle. As if that weren’t astounding enough, the city features Renaissance-era buildings that have earned it a spot on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. While Telč is a small town, the buildings within it are incredibly colorful, and many visitors say its streets remind them of Italy. Despite the fact that Telč is an immensely beautiful city, it’s not a massively popular tourist destination, which makes it an ideal escape for expats who want to enjoy a quiet and laid-back pace of life.

4. Český Krumlov 
One of the Czech Republic’s most popular UNESCO sites, Český Krumlov is a Renaissance-era town that features a charming downtown, a Renaissance palace, and a moat filled with bears. In addition to its ample historical wonders, the city also offers proximity to local rivers and plenty of outdoor attractions like rafting and hiking.

5. Prague
Known around the globe as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Prague is an ancient city with plenty to see, do, and explore. Seemingly around every corner, the city hides a garden, a pub, an ancient building, or a peaceful bench that offers the perfect place to sit and read. Known for its ample breweries and production of some of the world’s finest beers, Prague is one of the true must-sees in the EU, and, unlike some of the most popular cities (such as Paris), it’s not yet swamped by tourists.

Removals to Czech Republic

The Pros and Cons of Moving to the Czech Republic

Like any place on earth, the Czech Republic has its pros and cons. Here are some of each:

The Pros

The Cons

The Case for the Czech Republic

While there are many beautiful places on earth, the Czech Republic is a particularly interesting, civilized one. Ripe with history, wine, beer, and cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone to love in this endlessly beautiful and unique place. 

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