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Moving to Australia? A Guide to Australian Living, An Expat’s Guide

Whether you simply want to say that you come from a land down under, or you’re endlessly intrigued by the idea of living with kangaroos, wombats, and crocodiles in your backyard, Australia is a tantalizing place with plenty of unique things to offer expats. From the country’s good jobs to its beautiful scenery, there’s plenty to love about Australia, and expats who take the plunge will find out in short order just what it means to be a freshly minted Aussie.

Moving to Australia: Getting Your Australian Paperwork in Order

As is true with migrating to any country, moving to Australia will require you to have your visa paperwork in order. Like most developed countries, Australia offers several different visa options, and the first step in your big move will be determining which is right for you. As a general rule, the type of visa you’ll apply for will depend largely on what you plan to do in Australia, how long you plan to stay there, where you’re coming from, and whether or not you already have a job in Australia. While the paperwork needed to apply for each visa differs slightly, most expats will be asked to provide proof of the following:

In some cases, you may also need to provide proof that you have an Australian bank account or that you’ve already found a place to live. Because Australian immigration rules change so often, it’s wise to consult the Australian Department of Immigration website at the outset of your moving process. This will help you ensure you’ve got everything in order and that you’re prepared to provide all needed paperwork and documentation.

Finding Housing in Australia

When it comes to finding a house in Australia, you’ll be faced with an embarrassment of riches. Australia offers a dizzying array of beautiful cities, gorgeous rural areas, and quirky villages with plenty to do. Ultimately, choosing where you want to live will depend largely on what you want to do and which amenities you want to be closest to. If things like proximity to public transit systems or good public schools are important to you, you’ll have to plan accordingly. The same goes for people for whom access to shopping malls and entertainment venues is necessary. Possibly more important than choosing where you want to live, though, is deciding how you want to live. In Australia, you’ll have the option of renting or buying, and it’s smart to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each. As a general rule, expats prefer to rent in Australia, since this offers them the flexibility to get to know an area without fully committing to purchasing a home and settling in right away. Rentals are easy to find in Australia, and it’s a fantastic option for people who want to acclimate to their new Australian lifestyle before they take the plunge and purchase a home. To search for rentals in the area, you can look through popular online rental boards or hire a professional real estate agent. If you do decide to purchase a home, don’t move into the process without hiring a qualified real estate agent to help you. Purchasing property in a foreign country can be tricky, and hiring a professional is a wise way to ensure you’re not overpaying or missing out on opportunities that may apply to you.

The 5 Best Places to Live in Australia

Choosing where to live in Australia can be a tough task, so numerous are the exciting cities. According to expats and nationals alike, however, these are the five best cities in Australia, and choosing to live in any one of them is a decision that’s sure not to disappoint:

1. Sydney
Known around the world as the capital of New South Wales, Sydney has a population of just under 5 million people. Located in the coastalastern costal edge of Australia, Sydney is by far the most famous city in all of Australia. Known primarily for its famous Opera House and for being the seat of Australia’s financial happenings and industry, Sydney is a vibrant place with plenty of things to do, see, and experience. As if all of its attractions weren’t enough, though, Sydney also offers an outstanding quality of life that meets both nationals and expats with plenty of opportunities for surfing, hiking, biking, running, swimming, and horseback riding. The city boasts one of Australia’s most famous beaches, Bondi Beach, which is a surfing hotspot and is a primary visitation point for tourists from around the world. If you’re not much of a beach person, you can enjoy any of the city’s famous shopping, dining, and drinking attractions peppered throughout. The city is also home to some incredible galleries and museums and has dozens of different events going on on any given night.

2. Melbourne
Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia (after Sydney) and is the capital of Victoria. Its population is slightly smaller than Sydney’s, at around 4.5 million, but it offers no shortage of things to do or see. Located in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is a gorgeous, sheltered city that has ranked, for several years running, as the single most livable city in the world. How’s that for a selling point? An ideal place for any expat looking for a new home, Melbourne offers a healthy mix of big-city industry and commerce, with plenty of outdoorsy recreation tossed in. The residents here love getting outside for a bike ride before heading downtown to catch a live performance and dinner with friends. Active, vibrant, exciting, and welcoming, Melbourne is a tough place to beat.

3. Brisbane
Brisbane is smaller than both Melbourne and Sydney, with just over 2 million people in city limits. The capital of Queensland, Brisbane is located on a mangrove, which makes it a unique and beautiful place to live. Ideal for anyone who wants all of the outdoor attractions of Sydney or Melbourne without quite so much hustle and bustle, Brisbane is a beautiful and laid-back location that offers easy access to both the Sunshine and Gold coasts. Ideal for anyone who wants to put down roots in a modern city, Brisbane is the place to be.

4. Perth
The fourth largest city in Australia, Perth has just under 2 million residents and claims a spot as the world’s most isolated city. Don’t let that fool you, though. Just because Perth is far away from the rest of Australia doesn’t mean that it’s unexciting. Known around the country as a beautiful place to kick back and relax, Perth is a little-known secret that’s ideal for people looking for a secluded paradise rich with jobs and beautiful scenery.

5. Adelaide
Adelaide is located on Australia’s southern coast and is one of Australia’s best small towns with a big city feel. Less frantic and bustling than any of the other cities (besides Perth) in this list, Adelaide is a distinctly laid-back and mellow place to call home. Ranked the fifth most livable city in the world, Adelaide offers a high quality of life, plenty of beautiful attractions, and some exciting vineyards, outdoor eateries, and cafes to keep expats and nationals busy.

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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Australia

While there are dozens of reasons to move to Australia, some are more powerful than others. Here are a few of the top reasons to relocate to this sunny country:

1. Clean air and little pollution
While all cities suffer from some level of pollution, Australia is known around the world for its clean air and pristine outdoor environments. For people coming from highly polluted areas like China, this can feel, well, like a breath of fresh air.

2. Welcoming, diverse society
For expats, fitting into a new environment can be difficult. Luckily, however, Australia makes this less of a concern than many other places. Because Australia has such a huge population of people born overseas or whose parents were born overseas, it’s an amazingly welcoming and diverse place that promises to receive expats with open arms. Regardless of where you come from, it’s possible to find a friendly, welcoming society in Australia, the likes of which are hard to find in many other places around the world.

3. Beautiful outdoor attractions
Australia is famous for its gorgeous mountains, pristine beaches, and beautiful cypress forests. If you live here, you’ll have consistent, unfiltered access to nature, and the possibilities of what to do with that are virtually endless. This contributes to a healthier lifestyle and an all-around more positive work-life balance for people in demanding jobs in the country.

4. Plenty of high-paying jobs
Australia has a strong economy, and expats here will find a healthy assortment of employment to keep them busy, well-paid, and focused. The unemployment rate here is just about 5%, and it’s easy for expats to find skilled, fulfilling work in a variety of industries.

5. Good healthcare for all
Healthcare is a critical factor in quality of life, and Australia has an excellent health care system. Designed to cover needs ranging from Medicare to private healthcare, Australia offers a health option to suit virtually all of its national and new residents.

6. A temperate climate
One thing that many people love about Australia is its mild climate. The weather here is mild all year around and many days of the year are sunny and welcoming. What’s more, winters are mild, and Australia doesn’t experience many of the extremes in weather that affect other parts of the globe.

7. Plenty of space to spread out
Since Australia is so sparsely populated for such a large area, there is plenty of room for expats to spread out and enjoy their own little slice of land. Ideal for anyone with a desire to escape nearby neighbors and enjoy a more open lifestyle, Australia offers plenty of room to move around.

8. Relaxed pace of life
Life in Australia is laid back and comfortable, and you won’t find the same hectic and frazzled mentality here that you do so many other places. Australians pride themselves on their work-life balance, and it’s easy to find a healthy balance between your responsibilities and your free time in this beautiful country.

9. Plenty of areas to explore
In addition to the fact that Australia is sparsely populated, it’s also a great place to spread out and explore. The landscape here is diverse, and it’s easy to find something new to poke around in during a weekend or holiday trip. You don’t even have to leave the country or state to find a beautiful new attraction that offers the adventure of a lifetime. From crocs to mangroves, there’s plenty to see and explore in Australia.

10. Fantastic colleges and universities
Australia offers some truly world-class institutions of higher learning, and expats looking to move here to go to school or simply to learn something new will love the easy availability of education.

Moving Home to Australia

The Case for Australia as an Expat Destination

While there are many wonderful places in the world, Australia ranks among the best in terms of quality of life, scenery, and job opportunities. Ideal for any expat who wants a safe, scenic, exciting place to call home, Australia is a massively civilized, varied, and exciting country with a huge amount to see and do in a relatively small space. From Sydney to Perth and all of the areas in-between, Australia is a wonderful place for expats to settle down, and the work-life balance, good jobs, and laid-back lifestyle promise to create an environment you won’t’ want to leave anytime soon. Regardless of whether you come to Australia to work, study, or play, there’s plenty to find and love in the buzzed-about land down under. The country’s population is composed in a great part by immigrants and people whose parents were born in another country and moved to Australia. Each year people from more than 180 different countries become Australian citizens. Throughout most of its history, but especially since World War II, Australia has received waves of immigrants and has been through these waves that Australia has become a truly multicultural country. Its main cities are mostly populated by people coming from countries such as England, New Zealand, China, India, Korea, and many European countries. Immigration has had a great impact upon the characteristics of the Australian people, making them one of the most tolerant people of the world. They hold their multiculturalism and respect for other cultures with very high regards and have very low tolerance for discrimination; something that is clearly reflected in their laws. 

If you are thinking of moving to Australia here is a short list of pros and cons you should evaluate before making your decision.



Besides the pros and cons of moving to Australia, there are some other things you should know about the country. Australia is quite big, the sixth largest country in the world, with nearly three million square miles of territory. But it is also very scarcely populated, it barely has 7.3 square miles population density, meaning that most of its territory is largely unpopulated. Most of the population live near the coast lines as most of its main cities are located near the sea. Distances between cities in Australia can be quite lengthy, a flight from Sydney which is located to the south east of the island to Perth, located to the south west, can be five hours long. The Australian outback is the great expansion of land located in the center of the island. It is a semi-arid place made by large plains and a few mountains. It is home to Australia’s most famous fauna such as kangaroos, dingoes, koalas, and platypuses. Australia is famous for its biodiversity and the exotic and unique animals that inhabit the land. Australians enjoy being in contact with nature and take care of their natural resources and are very protective and proud of their animals.Australia has several major cities, the most famous being Sydney which is the most populated in the country. Sydney is the main target for most tourists and immigrants and is home to two of the most famous Australian landmarks, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Some people believe Sydney to be Australia’s capital, but it is not; the capital is Canberra, a smaller city located in New South Wales which houses the most important buildings of the country such as the Federal Parliament and the National Library.Other important cities in Australia are Melbourne located in the state of Victoria, the smallest and most populated one, and Brisbane, the third most populated city located in Queensland. Darwin located at the north of the country and Adelaide situated at the south center.Being a former British colony, the Australian government is very similar to Britain’s. There is one federal government and six state governments. Australia is a country which upholds democracy and equality above everything else. Australian laws condemn any kind of discrimination.

Australia is a relatively young nation located to the south east of Asia and surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is a well developed country,  among the wealthiest of the world. Australia is a proud nation of immigrants and nowadays enjoys a multicultural society and a thriving economy. Australia has several legislations that take care of the environment and a very eco-friendly government. Australian citizens have a government sponsored health care system called Medicare which covers all of their medical needs and is completely free. Australia is without a doubt a beautiful paradise filled with warm people that receive immigrants with open arms. It is a multicultural country where discrimination is widely frowned upon, the perfect place for a new start for people from all around the world.
Being a former British colony, the Australian government is very similar to Britain’s. There is one federal government and six state governments. Australia is a country which upholds democracy and equality above everything else. Australian laws condemn any kind of discrimination.

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